Portable Water / Compressed Air

Portable Water / Compressed Air

Valsir Pexal Pipe


Pexal® is composed of multilayer pipes and different types of fittings that are chosen according to the installation technique adopted. There are various applications: from the distribution of hot and cold drinking water to centralised water supply systems, from radiator and fan heating systems to radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, from compressed air systems to industrial plants.

Coestherm PPR

COESTHERM® is the system of pipes and fittings in random polypropylene and PP-RCT, with diam. of 16 to 200 mm, for supplying hot and cold sanitary water and for heating/airconditioning, to suit the most demanding needs for strength and durability. PP-R is a plastic material which resists cracking even under stress, as well as corrosion and chemicals. Its molecular composition also guarantees acoustic insulation and protection against attack by casual currents.

Coestherm® pipes are made in compliance with DIN 8077 - 8078 and/or UNI EN ISO 15874-2; while the fittings are compliant with DIN 16962 and/or UNI EN ISO 15874-3.