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Pipes & Fittings Systems

HDPE Corrugated Pipes for cable protection irrigation sewer subsoil

HDPE Corrugated Pipes & Fittings



  • HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Sewer Pipe
    - For underground sewer piping system and industries wastes water piping system.

    - Substitution for conventional Clay and Concrete pipe system.
    - Extremely rugged and durable, and resistant to all chemical substances found in soil and wastewater.

  • HDPE Single or Double Wall Corrugated for Underground Cable Protection Pipe
    - Used as an underground cable protection pipe under high compression loads or under road crossing
    - Act as a protective barrier or casing to facilitate the installation of underground fiber optics or electrical cables.

  • HDPE Single or Double Wall Corrugated (perforated or non perforated) Drainage Pipe
    - For underground sub-soil drainage piping system for highways, streets, Airports, Stadium, Golf Course, Irrigation, school fields and sewerage treatment plant sludge drying bed under drains.

  • Certified to DIN 16961 
  • Available Fittings:

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PhoNoFire fire rated pipes


PhoNoFire® is the best soundproofing, insert joint drainage system made of flame resistant copolymer polypropylene + reinforcing charges: the real plastic alternative to cast iron!

The programme consists of multilayer pipe in diam. of 58 to 200 mm. The fittings are characterised by very innovative design and include special and exclusive elements such as the swept entry branch.

  • Outstanding Soundproofing equivalent to that of a cast iron
  • Excellent chemical resistance to the transport of fluids in compliance with ISO/TR 10358.
  • Reaction to fire: PhoNoFire is classified B S3 d0 in compliance with the European standard EN 13501.

Simona PP

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SIMONA Electrically Conductive (EL) Plastics

Plastics are contributing to an ever-increasing range of applications in our modern-day life. They are deployed in the chemical industry and the manufacture of tanks, apparatus and pipelines. There they are used not only because of their good cost/benefit ratio but also because of their high chemical resistance and excellent processing capabilities. In those sectors the plastics primarily used are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).