Valves, Pumps & Instrumentation System

Valves, Pumps & Instrumentation System

Stubbe DFM165 DFM200 DFM350 flowmeter

Flowmeter DFM165, DFM200, DFM350

Nominal size: DN 10–65
Sealing: EPDM | FPM
Connection: Socket

  • Measuring range 3 up to 50000 l/h
  • Large selection of measuring ranges, nominal diameters, also for special media
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications for gaseous media, water, alkalines, acids
  • Direct visualisation of the measured values
  • Accuracy class 4
  • Integrated mounting rail for flow data sensors
heavy-duty plastic pumps

X-CLASS: Heavy-Duty Plastic Pumps

STÜBBE is specifically geared to meeting these requirements and has come up with X-CLASS, which represents a nee generation in the heavy-duty plastic pump field. The X-CLASS delivers what was previously impossible: extreme resistance and much improved service lives redefine what is feasible. Higher volume flow, higher pressure levels and extreme temperatures demand a pump system that can withstand everything that comes its way. The X-CLASS is highly durable (temperatures up to +160 °C), can withstand pressure stage PN 16 stand whilst suffering almost no wear. Energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

The X-CLASS family stands out in particular because of four core aspects:

  • Performance: More performance, greater pressure and longer rising heights / distances than comparable (plastic) process pumps. The minimum pumping output is 2 m3/h, the maximum up to 1 000 m3/h.

  • Resistance: Higher resistance to corrosive, abrasive and aggressive media, temperatures from -20°C to +160°C and high pressure (up to 16 bar). Also, a significantly higher running time.

  • Multipurpose: The possible application range is expanded considerably thanks to the greater durability and performance and applies for various industrial sectors and ambitious environments.

  • Flexibility: The innovative modular system allows application-conform configuration of pumps and shaft seals. The X-CLASS can be flexibly configured for any application using any of the 18 sizes, 7 plastics and 3 slide ring series.

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heavy-duty plastic pump, horizontal pump, vertical pump


Our pumps are practical solutions for real challenges. We offer you a wide range of different models.  We have the right product for each application that pumps aggressive or corrosive media.

Each individual pump is durable, reliable and meets the highest of quality and safety standards. Our know-how, experience and, above all, more than 50 years of expertise in plastics make us so self-assured and our pumps so strong.

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Flowmeter, Pressure relief valves, Pressure monitoring

Instrumentation System

Be it aggressive, corrosive or sensitive media – your applications make great demands on humans, materials and equipment. Our instrumentation systems for tank and plant engineering is safe, reliable and precise, right down to the smallest valve. Our portfolio includes modular systems for applications, such as flow, pressure and filling level. They can be integrated quickly and easily, and meet the highest of quality and durability standards.

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