Heavy-Duty Plastic Pumps (X-Class)

Heavy-Duty Plastic Pumps (X-Class)

Stubbe heavy-duty plastic pumps

Stubbe Heavy-Duty Plastic Pumps

Stubbe is specifically geared to meeting these requirements and has come up with X-CLASS, which represents a nee generation in the heavy-duty plastic pump field. The X-CLASS delivers what was previously impossible: extreme resistance and much improved service lives redefine what is feasible. Higher volume flow, higher pressure levels and extreme temperatures demand a pump system that can withstand everything that comes its way. The X-CLASS is highly durable (temperatures up to +160 °C), can withstand pressure stage PN 16 stand whilst suffering almost no wear. Energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

The X-CLASS family stands out in particular because of four core aspects:

  • Performance: More performance, greater pressure and longer rising heights / distances than comparable (plastic) process pumps. The minimum pumping output is 2 m3/h, the maximum up to 1 000 m3/h.

  • Resistance: Higher resistance to corrosive, abrasive and aggressive media, temperatures from -20°C to +160°C and high pressure (up to 16 bar). Also, a significantly higher running time.

  • Multipurpose: The possible application range is expanded considerably thanks to the greater durability and performance and applies for various industrial sectors and ambitious environments.

  • Flexibility: The innovative modular system allows application-conform configuration of pumps and shaft seals. The X-CLASS can be flexibly configured for any application using any of the 18 sizes, 7 plastics and 3 slide ring series.

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