Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Simona PE100 FM-Line

The SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line range of pipes and fittings with FM certification offers a superior standard of safety and quality for use in subterranean fire extinguishing systems. What is more, SIMONA is the first plastics manufacturer worldwide to supply “ FM APPROVED” pipes and fittings in sizes up to d 630 mm.

Simona Trenchless Pipe Laying

Trenchless installation of plastic pipelines offers a number of financial and ecological advantages.

In contrast to many other materials, PE boasts exceptional levels of durability. Thus, the above-average performance of polyethylene pipes is maintained over the entire useful life of the piping system. Key advantages of PE:

  • Notch and crack resistance
  • Creep strength
  • Stability and flexibility (creep modulus)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

Simona PP-H AlphaPlus

Polypropylene (PP) is the most widely used material for chemical-technical applications. Compared to PE, it displays greater rigidity particularly in the upper service temperature range (up to +100°C). Its key characteristics also include excellent chemical resistance, good long-term properties when exposed to various substances and high stress crack resistance.

There are two types of polypropylene: homopolymers (PP-H) and copolymers (PP-C). PP-H consists entirely of a combination of propylene monomers and covers a service temperature range from 0°C to +100°C. PP-C features a chemical combination of propylene monomers and ethylene monomers, which increases the material's impact strength at low temperatures. PP-C covers a service temperature range from –20°C to +80°C and is less rigid than PP-H. SIMONA offers best-in-class products of the highest possible quality in both categories – for applications that demand maximum safety and reliability.