Water & Wastewater Engineering

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Simona PE100-RC

Pipes, injection moulded fittings, customised components and shafts made of PE100/PE100 RC ( PE100-RC ):
SIMONA offers a comprehensive product portfolio for reliable supply lines in the field of infrastructure applications.

  • High stress crack resistance in sand-bed-free laying
  • Tough pipes on account of high resistance to point loads (e.g. stones, fragments)
  • Increased resistance to slow crack growth
  • Long-term cost saving due to very good hydraulic properties attributable to smooth internal pipe surfaces, hence reduction of pressure losses over the entire service life
  • Easy handling and increased safety in assembly due to lightweight, even if the design is complex
  • Long maintenance intervals due to permanent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent stability ensures the highest safety standards
  • Outstanding UV resistance and weatherability enable outdoor use
  • Exceptional ageing resistance
  • No release of plastic particles into the drinking water

Water Treatment System

High flexibility and resistance coupled with a high level of functionality are the main features of SIMONA® pipe systems. Their light weight and their reliable methods of connection make installation easy and economical. By contrast with traditional materials they take away waste water without causing any harm, i.e. without letting it leak and seep into the ground in an uncontrolled manner.

Across the entire water cycle, SIMONA offers reliable and economical comprehensive piping systems from a single source. With excellent corrosion resistance and long service lives are just the 2 key benefits explaining the use the SIMONA Piping System in water treatment plants including Singapore Changi NEWater Plant II.

ProFuse Peelable Water Pipe polyethylene pe100

Radius ProFuse Peelable Water Pipe

ProFuse® is a technologically advanced PE100 peelable pipe innovation offering a high performance solution with optimum joint integrity, damage protection and reduced installation time and costs savings.

Manufactured from a black PE100 core, Radius ProFuse® has been designed with a unique polypropylene peelable skin, which is applied to the core pipe during the manufacturing process using melt on melt technology. The skin offers excellent abrasion resistance and protects the pipe during handling, transportation, installation, reinstatement and is easily removed using the pipe exposure tool (PET), revealing a pristine pipe surface ready to be joined using electrofusion or butt-fusion welding techniques.

Simona PP

SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® is a homopolymeric polypropylene (PP-H) featuring a specially modified formula that makes it the perfect choice for applications within the area of industrial tank and plant engineering.