A comprehensive range of mains and service pipe and fittings for the distribution of natural gas and suitable manufactured gases. Ideal for the construction of new and replacement gas pipeline infrastructures for pipe systems operating at up to 10 bar.

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ProFuse® peelable gas pipe

Manufactured from black PE100, ProFuse® has been designed with a unique polypropylene peelable skin, which is applied to the core pipe during the manufacturing process using melt on melt technology. The skin offers excellent abrasion resistance and protects the pipe during handling, transportation, installation and reinstatement and is easily removed, using the pipe exposure tool (PET), revealing a pristine pipe surface, ready to be jointed using electrofusion or butt-fusion welding techniques.

Electrofusion Fittings

Designed for natural and suitable manufactured gases, drinking water and wastewater polyethylene pipelines, our range of electrofusion fittings are made from high strength black PE100, with exposed wire technology offering maximum heat transfer and distribution during the welding process. For ease of installation our socket fittings are manufactured with insertion stops to ensure the pipe is fully engaged into the fitting during assembly.