Underground Detection & Asset Management System

Underground Detection & Asset Management System


Provides accurate identification, programming and georeferencing of all underground works equipped with ELIOT RFID markers. Simple to use and paired via Bluetooth with differential GPS system. It has an embedded database that can store up to 3000 points.

·     Instantaneous location along 3 X, Y, Z axes with accuracy of +/- 10cm (pursuant to standard NF S70 003 for class A as-built drawings)


·     Data transfer of point readings by USB key or Bluetooth





ELIOT Markers

ELIOT is a patented and innovative system based on RFID technology. It has been designed to detect, identify and locate underground works in all humidity levels (dry, wet or under groundwater) down to a depth of 1.5m.

System features:

  • Identifies all types of networks immediately and simultaneously.
  • Locates on X, Y and Z axes to an accuracy of less than +-3cm on the X and Y axes and +-10cm on the Z axis.
  • Works despite the presence of any electromagnetic field, for example with high-voltage cables nearby.
  • Locates class A works in accordance with the NF S 70 003 French standard.
  • Uses the GPS to locate underground works with no need to excavate.
  • Includes database which allows communication with the GIS (Geographic Information System).
  • Asset management
eliot encoding station


It allows the simultaneous transfer of data (10 markers programmed concurrently with date and place of installation, company responsible for laying, site location, etc). The N-CODE encoding station provides flexibility for encoding markers in large quantity.

Eliot Near Field Communication

ELIOT PDA Application

Essential tool in the use of RFID markers, the ELIOT mobile application uses several PDA technologies including NFC (Near Field Communication) for:

- Marker encoding

- Marker data reading

- Bar codes or QR codes reading to integrate associated equipment details into the marker

- Take pictures of the installation

- Communicate with the SIGLIVE

The mobile ELIOT application is integrated on hardened ELIOT PDAs.