Ritmo Butt Welding Machine

With RITMO EASY LIFE it is possible to Butt weld fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and stub ends. This is possible because the 3rd clamp can be anchored to the 1st and 2nd (movable) and slide along with the pipe. The fitting have to be locked in the 4th clamp. Short neck stub ends can be welded with the help of a special tool (on request).

Thanks to a special gearcase  the EASY LIFE is able to manage the welding process in a semi-automatic way from OD 40 to 630 mm.

The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeat of the welding cycles and automatic control of the preset parameters, therefore the operator needs only to validate the welding phases. The user-friendly graphic display allows a quick setting of the desired parameters. 

The EASY LIFE system can store up to 4000 welding cycles and sum them up into a PDF file. This report can be transferred to a PC/laptop through a USB port.  
Possibility to pre-set 50 customized.
The EASY LIFE system data-logging now shows the time! 



IDEAL FOR: drainage and retention for the highest load areas, such as airports, industrial estates and container terminals.Hicap Airport.JPG

  • drainage and retention in one component
  • large selection of nominal widths
  • for all loading classes and all common road surface finishes
  • provides an uniform visual appearance 
  • no separate gratings
  • no expensive pipe installations required
  • high hydraulic capacity
  • easy to maintain
hauraton slotted surface drainage

Hauraton Slotted Drainage

Hauraton Slotted Channels are suitable for the drainage of areas with architectural demands:

- Visible slot (narrow line) on the surface the clear elegance and significance is reached for all common surface layers and even asphalt.

- Quick access to channel run through removable access cover.

- Easy handling and installation

Hotel MOSS - Moskau - Russia 2.png

hauraton surface drainage

Hauraton Surface Drainage

- Drain Channels are made of Thermoplastic Polypropylene (PP), extremely tough, durable and unbreakable.

- Much lighter than concrete channels, low weight ensures easy transportation and installation on site.

- High Chemical Resistance

- U-Shaped channel with smooth inner surfaces, improved water flow.

drain 5.png