IDEAL FOR: drainage and retention for the highest load areas, such as airports, industrial estates and container terminals.Hicap Airport.JPG

  • drainage and retention in one component
  • large selection of nominal widths
  • for all loading classes and all common road surface finishes
  • provides an uniform visual appearance 
  • no separate gratings
  • no expensive pipe installations required
  • high hydraulic capacity
  • easy to maintain
hauraton slotted surface drainage

Hauraton Slotted Drainage

Hauraton Slotted Channels are suitable for the drainage of areas with architectural demands:

- Visible slot (narrow line) on the surface the clear elegance and significance is reached for all common surface layers and even asphalt.

- Quick access to channel run through removable access cover.

- Easy handling and installation

Hotel MOSS - Moskau - Russia 2.png

hauraton surface drainage

Hauraton Surface Drainage

- Drain Channels are made of Thermoplastic Polypropylene (PP), extremely tough, durable and unbreakable.

- Much lighter than concrete channels, low weight ensures easy transportation and installation on site.

- High Chemical Resistance

- U-Shaped channel with smooth inner surfaces, improved water flow.

drain 5.png

Fire Collar EI 240 EN1366-3

Fire Collar

Fire collars can be installed either in vertical wall or in the stab and they have a fire resistance class of EI240 in compliance with EN 1366-3.

Suitable for a wide range of pipes, PP, HDPE, ABD, PVC-C, PVC-U